Goal3's synthetic stablecoin.
Official contract: 0xfC7E56298657B002b3e656400E746b7212912757


$zkUSD is a synthetic stablecoin, pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar. It is designed to act as efficient and transparent currency for betting on Goal3.
The official mint/redemption gateway is the Goal3 Portal. 1 $zkUSD can always be redeemed through the portal into 1 USDC.
Other venues of exchange for $zkUSD include SyncSwap and MEXC exchange.

Why $zkUSD

1. Gasless betting

$zkUSD was designed to make the onboarding as well as the betting process as easy as possible for all users.
With a custom Paymaster now integrated, Goal3 now offers a fully gasless betting experience for all users. Learn more

2. Collateralization

The liquidity backing $zkUSD consists of collateralized assets within the Goal3 sportsbook. Collaterals are always provable on-chain, giving both the house and the users piece of mind that they are transacting in a stable currency.
Using $zkUSD as the settlement asset also will help Goal3 manage and scale the liquidity efficiently.
*Read more about zkUSD in the article below: