🤝Referral Program

The flywheel starts here.

The Goal3 Referral program is designed to incentivize and reward loyal participants who help spread the word about our sportsbook. By referring friends and colleagues to Goal3, participants can earn $ZKG rebates sustainably.

Referral code

To join the Goal3 Referral program in Playdrop and access to the Goal3 Sportsbook website, user need to fill in a referral code.

pageReferral code

To check the status of winthin the referral program, within the Sportsbook,navigate to the top right corner and click on the Referral icon:

Tier system

Our referral program uses a tier system to incentivize our users to refer more people to our sportsbook.

The more people you refer, the higher your tier and the more rewards you can earn.


Rewards are distributed weekly.

Rewards are paid in $ZKG tokens and are calculated based on the volume generated by your referred users.

The amount of $ZKG tokens you earn depends on a number of parameters, with the formula being:

$ZKG rewards = IV * BR * FR
IR = IV/TSV*100

Refer to the below page for abbreviations:

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