How Goal3 Withdrawal works.

Goal3 is in the early stages of Mainnet where the sportsbook is still undergoing continuous development. For that reason, we have decided to go with a cautious approach regarding the Withdrawal feature, to avoid any potential risks and exploitation that can drain the liquidity, posing threats to user's funds.

How withdrawal works

When users initiate a withdrawal, their chosen synthetic tokens (zkUSD or zkETH) are burned. In exchange, the bluechip collaterals (USDC or ETH) are sent directly into their wallets.

Withdrawal Delay

During the Beta Mainnet, a 24-hour withdrawal delay is applied to all users. The daily quota is 1 withdrawal per user, per 24 hours.

At Full Public Mainnet, there is no withdrawal delay on Goal3.


During the Beta Mainnet, users can instantly withdraw up to $20,000 worth of zkUSD (into USDC).

At Full Public Mainnet, there is no withdrawal limit on Goal3.

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