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An innovative way to distribute tokens fairly.

Goal3 Lockdrop Positions

Goal3 Lockdrop positions refer to the ratio of an individual's committed capital compared to the total pool of locked assets. When an individual locks up a certain percentage of the total assets in the pool, they receive a position that represents their share of the pool.
Positions are an innovative way of calculating a user's contribution in the Lockdrop program, taking into account various factors such as the original committed capital, the bonus based on invited wallet locked amount, and the lockup period. This ensures a fair launch mechanism in the Lockdrop program.

Distribution of $ZKG Tokens Based on Positions

In the 1st Lockdrop, a total of 25,000,000 $ZKG tokens will be distributed among all participants. The formula used to calculate each user's reward is as follows:
Est. Rewards = (Your Positions / Total Positions) x 25,000,000
  • Est. Rewards refers to the estimated final $ZKG drop that an individual will receive.
  • Your Positions represents the number of positions held in the Goal3 Lockdrop program.
  • Total Positions refers to the total number of positions in the program.
By plugging in your own values for "Your Positions" and "Total Positions", you can calculate your expected allocation of tokens. The final rewards amount will only be shown after the lockdrop has ended.