🧠Smart Accounts

What are Smart Accounts and Their Significance on Goal3?

What are Smart Accounts?

Smart Accounts represent a paradigm shift in user interactions with decentralized applications. Unlike traditional Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs), which are essentially addresses on the blockchain, Smart Accounts, represented as Smart Contracts, leverage the principles of Account Abstraction to autonomously execute transactions based on predefined logic. This introduces a new level of efficiency and functionality to user wallets.

Session Key Approval

Upon the conversion of a user's Externally Owned Account (EOA) into a Smart Account, a crucial step involves the approval of a Session Key. The Session Key serves a pivotal role in refining the Smart Account's functionalities. This key encapsulates specific logic:

  1. Smart Account interactions are confined exclusively to Goal3's protocol, allowing to engage in tasks such as placing bets and claiming winnings within the sportsbook.

  2. The Smart Account has the capability to seamlessly utilize $zkUSD from linked EOA wallets.

  3. The Smart Account automates transaction signing for the linked EOA wallet, eliminating the need for users to manually sign transactions when interacting with the Goal3 protocol.

  4. This enhances both security and user experience, streamlining the process for activities like placing bets and claiming winnings.

Smart Accounts on Goal3 App introduce a seamless customer experience on a Web3 application, on par with Web2 industry standards.

Liberating users from manual complexities, the streamlined approach enhances user engagement, prioritizes swift and timely actions, marking Goal3's innovation as a pioneer in decentralized sports betting.

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