Smart Contracts

An overview of the technical infrastructure of Goal3.
The Goal3 protocol is comprised of several smart contracts responsible for various aspects of the sportsbook's operations. The Goal3 protocol's smart contracts are designed to perform similar functions to a traditional betting shop. These contracts include the Bookie Boss, the EventManager, the BookMaker, and the Wager contract.

Bookie - The Bookie Boss

Contract Address: 0xC523df658DBEc88Dc03Fb23a703BCBd7FFb5ea01
In a traditional betting shop, the manager oversees all aspects of the operations. Similarly, the Bookie Boss smart contract serves as the central authority of the Goal3 protocol, overseeing all activities and assigning tasks to other smart contracts.

EventManager - The Operator

Contract Address: 0x116a4A5Ed4c7d5712E109D4188E17616D8E5784a
In the Goal3 protocol, the EventManager contract allows the operator to deploy events, while the resolver resolves events and the verifier verifies event resolution.
Resolver wallet: 0x79383C3258C5E690A073cd4dC673A1D08c986243 Verifier wallet: 0x6bf4833301478849f3C9f3F8e52119899c6e1F12

BookMaker - The Clerk

Contract Address: 0xE54710D6b9537582c77f137Bdd9eE1bFD610e11B
The BookMaker contract is responsible for managing user orders, including single, system and parlay bets. The BookMaker contract is a key component of the platform, providing a vital service to users.

Wager - The Cashier

Contract Address: 0x6f60788d4e852f9bd193Da479a97e2839f0FBcEc
The Wager contract is responsible for processing the output of bets and allowing users to redeem their winnings in zkUSD and cash out to other tokens through the Goal3 Portal. The Wager contract ensures that users can receive their winnings in a secure and efficient manner.