Invitation Only

Everyone can join The Goal3 Lockdrop, but with an INVITATION.

1. What is an Invite code in The Goal3 Lockdrop?

To get access to The Lockdrop, you will need to fill in an Invite code, which is the full wallet address of ones who already joined.

2. How can I invite someone to join the Goal3 Lockdrop?

Permission to invite only unlocked when you already committed a lock.

There is no limit in number of invites.

3. What do i get inviting people to join The Goal3 Lockdrop?

A successful invite grants the inviter 10% bonus of Positions from the Invitees, which is based on their locked amount.

Simply put: The MORE users you invite, the more $ZKG you earn.

4.Premium Invite Code for Whitelists Address

The Premium Invite Code is a unique feature for Whitelist addresses in The Goal3 Lockdrop. You can customize the invite code with your own name and use it as both a CODE and a REFERRAL LINK.

This code provides an exclusive 20% boost in Lockdrop positions for your invitees, giving you an edge in attracting more participants.

5.Who got the Whitelist? What perks are there for Whitelist Wallet?

Whitelists are given to special individuals of Goal3, including: Goal3 Partners, Goal3 Team, Goal3 Country Ambassador (Discord role), Goal3 OGs (Discord role), Goal3 Star (Discord role), Goal3 Testers (Discord role, random pick), Goal3 Lockdrop Tester (Discord role - random pick).

Whitelisted wallets can directly access The Goal3 Lockdrop without an invitation code and are automatically enabled with the Premium Invite Code.

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