The new era of decentralized, permissionless betting starts now with Goal3.

What is Playdrop?

Playdrop is the next phase of Goal3, where we not only roll out the sportsbook onto Mainnet but also we go beyond - into the realm of decentralized, censorship-resistant infrastructure.

The rule of three

To participate in Playdrop, you can:

  • Be a bettor: start betting permissionlessly and trustlessly

  • Become the house: provide liquidity or stake $ZKG to earn revenue

  • Refer new users and earn consistent yields


Bettors are the main target users of Goal3. They bring in volume and revenue for the sportsbook, in exchange for a secure, transparent and versatile betting environment.

The team will keep shipping killer features and updates to keep bettors engaged.

To become The House, you can either:

  • Convert $ZKG -> $xZKG and collect the revenue directly from the sportsbook. 75%, paid out in stables.

  • Provide stablecoins into the protocol. In exchange, you earn the majority of $ZKG emissions.

Refer new users and earn consistent yields.

Every month, Goal3 pays out rewards to referrers who bring in new users to the sportsbook.

The referral program runs perpetually and is a 3-tier gamified system where you can keep earning passive yields if conditions are met.

Playdrop will kickstart a flywheel of incentives by creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all stakeholders involved.

The flywheel is a self-sustaining system where each action taken by one stakeholder creates value for another, leading to a continuous loop of growth.

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