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🎟️Sports Lottery

An innovative concept that combines sports parlay and traditional lottery mechanisms.


The Goal3 Lottery combines predicting sports game outcomes with a lottery system. Participants choose outcomes for a set number of games, with the correct predictions potentially leading to substantial rewards.

Players can choose from three game formats, predicting the outcomes of either 9, 12, or 15 sports games. There is no catch, if you manage to predict all the outcomes correctly, you win the lottery jackpot.

Funding the Prize Pool

The prize pool is primarily funded by the sale of lottery tickets. Each ticket costs $1 but there is a minimum of 10 tickets to be purchased each time. There is no cap to the prize pool

Jackpot Distribution

80% of the collected pool is allocated to the jackpot winners. The remaining 20% is rolled over to the next lottery, increasing the future prize pool.

The rollover mechanism ensures that a portion of the prize pool is always moving forward, augmenting the jackpot for the next draw.

Drawing Process

The lottery draw takes place right after the final game has concluded, similar to a parlay bet.

Winners are determined based on how many legs they get correctly. Only users who correctly predicted 9/9, 12/12, or 15/15 games correctly get the jackpot.

There are consolidation prizes for users who get one leg wrong.

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